5yrs Movement Defends President Barrow to Complete His 5 Years Term

5yrs Movement Defends President Barrow to Complete His 5 Years Term

Thousands of Gambians including civil servants took the streets to demonstrate a peaceful march in defense of the 5 year mandate of President Adama Barrow.

People from different regions in the country turned up in large numbers to march from the Sting Corner to the Denton Bridge demanding the President to complete his 5 year term.

Speaking to Journalists, Henry Gomez special adviser to President Barrow said Gambians have decided to defend the 1997 Constitutions as it is their right to stand by the laws of their country and that President Barrow has equal rights like any other Gambian. “President Barrow is not a Senegalese neither a Malian; he is a Gambian like you and me”. He said, “So Barrow is defending what also belongs to him”.

Henry Gomez, special adviser to Gambia’s President Adama Barrow.

Gomez questioned why Gambians didn’t react when Barrow was talking about the 3 years and waited till date. He urged Gambians not to destroy the peace and stability that they are enjoying now compare to the past regime.

“There is no back way to the Statehouse; if anybody wishes to rule the country should come through the front door”. Gomez stressed.

Fatoumatta Jawara, National Assembly Member for Talinding said, “every country is governed by law and that people should not make the Gambia a lawless country or takes the law in their hands”. She said, “Gambians should be law abiding citizens and should not let any person or group who will come out from their comfort zones to destabilize the peace and stability of the country”.

Hon. Fatoumata Jawara National Assembly member for Talinding.

“I am here to defend the Constitution as a concern citizen”, Jawara stated

Seedy Njie described the 3 years Jotna movement as criminals who want to destabilize the country. He said President Barrow swore that he will rule this country in accordance of the constitution; therefore any individual or group who demands for him to step down in 3 years wants to launch coup de etat.

Seedy Njie, former President Jammeh’s impasse information minister now an ally of President barrow.

“Coup de etat is not about using guns only; if you violate the constitution by demanding a president to step down before his term ends is also a coup de etat”, Njie asserted.

Lamin Ahmed Samateh, Minister for health said there is a lot that needed to be completed by Barrow’s government and if it is left uncompleted it can be disastrous. He said many events have come to light in Barrow’s government one of which is the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) the Commission of Enquiry amongst others.

“I believe majority of the Gambians want the President to complete his 5 year mandate”. Samateh said, “Both 3 years Jotna and the 5 years movement have the right to exercise their rights as citizens”.

Lamin Ahmed Samateh, Minister for health.

The executive of the 5 years movement handed over their petition to the Government’s Spokesperson Ebrima Sankareh as they eagerly wait for government’s response.

Barrow’s 5yrs term supporters matching from sting corner to Denton Bridge.

In December 16 last year, thousands of 3years Jotna movement took to the streets demanding President Barrow to respect the 3 year agreement that was signed by the Coalition 2016 Members and step down.

By Adam Drammeh

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