“Barrow’s Gov’t Snatched Away the Tractors Jammeh Gave Us” Says former Barrow Youth Movement Member

“Barrow’s Gov’t Snatched Away the Tractors Jammeh Gave Us” Says former Barrow Youth Movement Member

Mawdo Jallow, a key member of the Barrow Youth Movement/ National People’s Party (NPP) on Saturday said the Government took all the Tractors that former President Yahya Jammeh gave them to utilize on their farms in Jahally Paacha.

He made these revelations during a Cross-carpet session at a

Political Rally organized by The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) at Fula Bantang Village in Fulladu, Central River Region.

“We all know that Fulladu survives on farming and without tractors we will not be able to do our farming properly”. He said.

Jallow revealed that last year they were not able to farm due to lack of farming facilities and this year, if they don’t get support the same fate will happen to them. “They sold our farms and left us empty”. He alleged.

Jallow said the reason he decided to join the GDC is because the Government of President Barrow is a failed one and do not have hope in it. “We all know that Barrow’s government is not up to expectation; therefore I urge all to come and join the GDC”. Jallow said.

Mamma Kandeh, leader of The Gambia Democratic Party said Jahally Pachar Rice fields can feed even the whole of West Africa not to talk of The Gambia and agriculture is one key sector that can develop a country.

He said Agriculture, Security, Education and Health are key sectors in any country and all these sectors are ineffective under the government of President Barrow.

“There are lots of schools in the country but only are ineffective”, he said.

On the side of security, Kandeh said people don’t feel safe anymore even in their homes; the health centers are almost empty with little or no facilities.

Kandeh argued that the budget allocated for the Office of the President is more than what is allocated for Agriculture.  “It is shameful that the government snatched away all the Tractors that they were using to do their farming”. He stressed.

He told the people of Fula Bantang that he heard their plight and make sure that he do something about it by God’s grace we will do something about it.

The GDC leader welcomed the Barrow Youth Movement/ NPP members and assured them that the party is for all Gambians and that they are not in support of tribalism. “Even Barrow is a member of GDC because GDC is a party for all”. Kandeh exclaimed.

Hundreds of The Gambia Democratic Congress support witnessed the Rally at FulaBantang Village in Fulladu, CRR.

By Adam Drammeh.

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