Brikama Players Threaten to Boycott Training

Brikama Players Threaten to Boycott Training

Brikama zonal team players threaten that they will boycott their training sessions following the premature ending of their scintillating encounter with Kombo East amid crowd trouble.

The boys from the Eastern part of Kombo stormed the “Satayba” boys with their quick flow of football, which was characterised by pace and trickery.

Following pressure after pressure, the Satayba boys impressive defender, Nfamara Jatta directed his header into his own net in the 60th minute. And when Brikama thought they had orchestrated an equaliser, the second assistant flag was up to shorten the wild jubilations that erupted in Box Ba. Brikama’s captain, Papis Nyassi’s glancing header found the net but Papis was adjudged to be in an offside position.

Brikama’s fans could not hold onto their nerves when Papis’s goal was rule out for an offside. From that moment, bottles and stones could be seen flying into the field. Brikama players, coaches and some faithfuls were trying to restore calm and order but all their efforts bore fruitless as stones and bottles still kept on emanating from the stands.

Brikama’s team captain, called on a short media briefing where he vents his anger and frustration towards the fans unsportsman behaviours. Papis who was speaking on behalf of the players, threaten that they will not turn up for training. Papis said, “We will not show up for training for the next match. We cannot continue with this types of fans.” And this is the decision of the players”. And he added

Brikama Players Threaten to Boycott Training


“We won two difficult matches; We endeavor to win for our fans. So today if the match panned out like this and the match haven’t even ended and this ugly scenes happened”. Captain Papis Nyassi lamentedd.

Papis Nyassi who is on three goals in this year 2019 Africell Sponsored Super Nawettan said, there was still time for an equaliser as he try to equate the reasons for the hooligan act of their fans. He decried that “There was still time for an equaliser.”

When asked under what reasons they might rescind their decision and go back to the training ground, Papis Voices “If the fans are ready to exercise maximum patience and they’re ready to restrain from any violent conduct. We won teams before today so we have accept defeat if things does not work for us.

“How we want to win, that’s how other zones want to win team too. We cannot force things, we should give players the chance to endeavor and win on the pitch.” Papis alias Vet adviced.

The central referee Maudo Jallow, blow his whistle for the termination of epic encounter as missiles were been thrown into the pitch.

By Ebrima KB Sonko.

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