Child Fund Receives 20 Feet Container of Footballs for Deprived, Excluded Vulnerable Gambian Children

Child Fund Receives 20 Feet Container of Footballs for Deprived, Excluded Vulnerable Gambian Children

ChildFund the Gambia has received 20 feet container of One World Play Project Footballs through their ‘Gift in Kind’ program.

The event took play at ChildFund’s office in Kanifing on Friday, 20th December 2019. The footballs are meant to complement their programs working to improve the lives of deprived excluded and vulnerable children in the Gambia.

The container, containing two thousand and twenty- four balls will be distributed to partner organizations to give beneficiaries in all the regions except Banjul and KM. One hundred balls will be handed to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The One World Play Project team is made up of passionate, driven and fun-loving individuals dedicated to bringing the transformative power of play to youth worldwide.

Musu Kuta Komma, Country Director ChildFund the Gambia expresses happiness and gratitude for receiving the balls from ‘One World Play Project’.

She said the gesture is part of their ‘Gift in Kind ‘program which allows them to complement the efforts of government in the health and education sectors.

“Football is the most popular game in the Gambia where youth and children are quite often seen in the streets, at football fields and at schools”.

She further said the game serves as a source of unity, understanding, and increased team spirit among children, and it also boosts their level of confidence and organizational skills, thereby giving them the courage to make their voices heard.

“Children mostly struggle to get a ball to play with; their parents cannot afford to get them one”, she remarked. She added that, sometimes some (children) would go to their neighborhoods or a community to secure one, which she said is returned after use.

She also noted that, at times they are compelled to play by turns due to the lack of balls, “we hope that this intervention will make a huge difference and help harness the talents and skills of children who are so passionate about football”.

Marchel Mendy, Executive Director National Sport Council who represented the minister of Youth and Sports said the initiative do tail with the plans Ministry of Youth and Sports, particularly now that the ministry is very committed to decentralizing football.

“Football cannot be played without a ball; we are very appreciative to receive the good gesture from ChildFund the Gambia”.

Furthermore, he reiterated that children will love to play football but they will not have the opportunity to acquire one.

Musa Mbye, Board Chairperson Child Fund said: “our partners are facilitating our work to reach the deprived excluded and vulnerable children in our society”. He encourages support for these deprive children by partners.

By Awa Mboow.  

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