CRICKET ASSOCIATION Targets Youngsters For The Future, GOMEZ

CRICKET ASSOCIATION Targets Youngsters For The Future, GOMEZ

The president of the Gambia cricket Association Johnny Gomez said he is targeting youngsters to form formidable junior cricketers in the country.

Speaking at the end of a two days cricket course for administrators in the Gambia, Gomez emphasized the significant of catching them young at the grassroots level. He said the international cricket Association is promoting junior competitions in the world to boost the massive participation.

According Gomez, his target is to have an u13, u15 and u17 in the next 4 years to represent the country in major competitions.

He said if the players are ready they will give them the materials to compete at all the levels in the country.

‘’My target is to train over five thousand (5000) children to cricket across the country and with the help of international cricket association we will achieve our target. The last time we train over 300 children from different schools at Tallinding so our next target is to reach all the regions in the Gambia’ ’he said.

When asked where will the cricket association acquire funds to trained five thousand children across the country, Mr. Gomez said the international Cricket Association have a funding policy where funds are disbursed every two years but it has to be done through the successful implementation of every cricket association activity plan before they released their funds.

‘’the focus of the ICC is the mass participation of junior teams all over the world, so for us we must have to work toward achieving that goal, we have over 17 schools in Banjul, and other regions are there too. We will reach the schools in other places in the Gambia so through this we will achieve our target’’.

Last Thursday the Gambia Cricket Association organized a two days cricket training course for physical education teachers and coaches and other people on cricket administration.

By Lamin Fadera

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