D2.5M Borehole Project Launch in Saaba for Women Garden

D2.5M Borehole Project Launch in Saaba for Women Garden

Saaba Diaspora Youths (Phanmaggi  Kaffo) with support from Engineers Without Borders in Germany on Saturday  launched D2.5 million borehole for women gardening to ease the challenges face in accessing water and support the productivity  of their produce.

Cessay Nding Jabang the president of ‘Phanmanggi Kaffo’ in the Saaba said she is very delighted about the project because water and fencing have been their constrained ever since. Today have such garden borehole would boost their earning and ease our work as women. Madam Janbang added.

“We will use the garden effectively and any money gain would be use to help pay the school fee of our children, buy clothes and other needs of the family. Also support our husband in terms fish money because they can’t do it all the family needs.” Ceesay-Nding Said.

She urged the people to make best use of the facility and pray for such development to be extended to all other community and the country.

Buba Ceesay one of the coordinators of Phanmaggi Kaffo in the Diaspora said they brought this project to support their community in to help ease the boarding on the people and support in the development of the community.

“We have created a bank account for every woman and man who would be working here in the garden to pay D100 to be use for maintenance. If this project is successful we are thinking of coming with a poultry project all gears towards enhancing a better living and self independent for our people. He noted.

Kai Rickert the representative of Engineers Without Boarders a German base organization thanks the community and the Saaba youths in the Diaspora for taking lead in the success of the project.

He further thank the community for the hospitality and his team back in Germany for the efforts and resources put together to make such a milestone development in the village of Saaba through Phanmaggi Kaffo.

Certificates were presented to the entire team of EWB by Phanmaggi for the good job they did for them.

By Sheikh Manneh.

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