Danish-Gambians Donate Food Stuffs to Kerr Malick Nana Community

Danish-Gambians Donate Food Stuffs to Kerr Malick Nana Community

by Foday Jatta.

Gambian citizens in Denmark through The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation Donate Food Stuffs to Kerr Malick Nana Community in Upper Niumi, North Bank Region, 19th May, 2020.

“Our lives could’ve been different if we were born here, but we were just lucky because no one chooses where to be born, that’s why we feel like we are blessed somehow to be born where we were born. So we feel like we cannot just enjoy our money for ourselves”, Alagie Manneh one of the donors on holiday in The Gambia says.

Alagie Manneh and his ten other friends in Denmark donated Kerr Malick Nana Community.

Alagie Manneh and his friends bought 50 25kg bags of rice, 15 bags of onion, 50 5liter gallons of cooking oil, 5 50kg bags of sugar and 50 boxes of tea bag, shared between all fifty families of Kerr Malick Nana.

Alagie who with The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation handed the items to the people of Malick Nana said “It started with one of my good Gambian brothers Modou Sarr who has this good idea. In Denmark Alhamdulillah nobody is suffering so we decided we can put aside something, so we can come here and help our Gambian brothers and sisters”. Alagie said “when he (Modou Sarr) said that, everyone thought it was a good idea so everyone put whatever they could put aside and then we get a good amount and they send it (the money) to me here (in Gambia)”.

Asked what inspired them to donate the needy Alagie said: “Every time we come here (to The Gambia), we always see people suffering and then when you go back home it always stays in your mind, it never leaves like you always have it in your mind”.

What’s is rewarding in helping the needy to Alagie Manneh is “seeing the smile on people’s faces, and when you see the smile you really know that you’ve helped someone because I am here seeing that it really is helping people a lot”.

Alagie Manneh went together with The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation to present the items to Malick Nana Community.

The Denmark born said, Kerr Malick Nana is just the beginning of their support for the needy. “This is just the beginning; maybe we can put together something every month and continue working with this foundation (Alhaji Kinteh Foundation) because they’re good at finding people who needs help the most”. Alagie Manneh concludes.

Alagie Manneh and Mohammed Adil Ajeewa seated at the handing over of the items.

Ousman Jaw, the Alkalo of Kerr Malick Nana said: “This aid comes at a time that we need it very much because we’re struggling in this Covid-19 pandemic time and we are also in Ramadan, so Allah has brought us the help at a time we needed help the most”.

“Honestly we are poor and I am very happy and all the villagers are very happy”.

Mr. Ousman Jaw, the Alkalo of Kerr Malick Nana Village. 

“When you are a needy and someone comes to your aid all you can do is give thanks to Allah and the donors”. Malick Nana Alkali says.

Villagers of Kerr Malick Nana in Upper Niumi.

Alhaji Kinteh, the founder of The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation said:

“Alagie Manneh and his friends joining us, is not only good for our foundation but good for The Gambia because it gives us more support meaning we can reach out to more, more people”.

“The more support and the more people joining us, the more people we can support, so we will do our part in making so that they’re satisfied with the work we do for them and satisfy the beneficiaries too”.

Mr. Kinteh commends the donors and prays that Allah bless them for their support. “When I spoke to the Alkali he was telling me how difficult it is at this time of Covid-19 because so many ways they earn through are not working because of the pandemic and in Ramadan too, so the help came at a critical time for them”.

Alhaji Kinteh Foundation founder also reveals that the Danish-Gambians group has also sponsored three water-wells in the area.

Mr. Alhaji Kinteh said he’s open to working with anyone or organisation that is willing to support the needy.


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The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation dug three water-wells and another is underway.

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