DCAF Hands Over Toolkit for Security Sector Reform to Parliamentarians

DCAF Hands Over Toolkit for Security Sector Reform to Parliamentarians

In quest to empower the Gambian Parliamentarians, The Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF) has on Friday, 13th December handed over toolkit for Security Sector Reform (SSR) to National Assembly Members (NAMs) of the Gambia.

The event was held at a local hotel in Kololi, funded by the European Union (EU). DCAF developed the toolkit for Security Sector Reform and governance in West Africa, an eight-part publication aimed at supporting the implementation of regional normative framework of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

The handing over organize by DCAF was geared towards engaging the parliamentarians to interact with experts in parliamentary work and effectiveness in a democratic environment.

Momodou LK Sanneh, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly who also doubles as Standing Committee on Defense and Security (SCDS) said today the committees system of the National Assembly are very operational compared to the previous parliament where most of the committees were dormant.

He therefore, urge members to participate actively during discussions and hope that lessons learnt from the session will further enhanced the skills of Hon. Members.


Pansaw Nyassi, Interim Country Head DCAF Banjul said the toolkit has been developing as a resource for the ECOWAS commission and all national stakeholders within ECOWAS Member States, including the executive, parliament, judiciary, statutory oversight institution and civil society.

“It can be useful to other actors involved in West African Security Sector Reform (SSR) processes, such as international partners”, he said. Attila Lajos, Ambassador Head of Delegation European Union (EU) said that it is time for visible reforms that are genuinely participatory and that are felt by the Gambian people.

“Our commitment must be measured by more than just the Euros and Dalasis we spend”, he said, adding the true sign of success is not whether we are a source of aid that helps people scrape by, it is whether we are partners in building the capacity for transformation change.

Vabah K Gayflor, Ambassador of ECOWAS said: “Gambia has been known to be peaceful country, that she said endured 22 year of authoritarian rule, which was on the brink of being plunged in to a situation of total collapse.

She added that the target of SSR are usually the arms of government tasked to uphold national security and are responsible for the management, provision and oversight of security in a country.

By Awa Mboow.

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