EU Ambassador Calls for Visible Reforms

EU Ambassador Calls for Visible Reforms

Attila Lajos, Ambassador Head of Delegation European Union (EU) said it is time for visible reforms that are genuinely participatory and are felt by the Gambian people.

“we can take inspiration from TRRC and CRR, albeit with the sensitivity of the Security Sector Reform (SSR) in mind, to make sure that SSR does not remain a matter for security forces and foreign SSR experts”, he said, adding that should be owed by the population, led by Gambians, in order to provide them with the change they voted for in December 2016.

He made these remarks on Thursday, 5th December 2019 during the the joint launching of the Human Resource Assessment, Public Reception Study and Gender Survey Reports, funded by the European Union (EU), implemented by the Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF), held at a local hotel on Kololi.

Other activities of the lunching included the presentation of the main findings of these three surveys, as follows: Survey on gender in the security sector in the Gambia, Population-based perception survey, and the Human Resource assessment of the security institutions.

“We firmly believe that this is the moment for transformational change for the security sector in the Gambia, that if this country manages to transform from an abusive security system into one that respects and protects human rights. We can call the Gambian transition a success story.

Anne Bennett, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa Division the Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance (DCAF) said the Gambian security sector reform process has the potential to set new standards in terms of data driven, evidence- based reform.

“We are at the beginning of this process and there is a long road ahead, the willingness of security and defense institutions and personnel to fully engage in this process of establishing the facts, of taking a forthright look at the depth and scope of reform needed.

Momodou Badjie, National Security Adviser (NAS) applauded DCAF for the work well done toward an inclusive SSR for all Gambians.

He further said that the launching of the survey will give the participants a great opportunity to discuss and come up with compliments to be able to enrich the documents especially on the three themes.

“Gender issues are perennial in security sector reforms. He also urge all participants, officials, funders to get them involve and give them an update in gender issues as far as SSR is concern.

He stated that the SSR is here to move from state centigrade to public centigrade, and hope that the survey will give them the direction not only to government but the SSR in general.

By Awa Mboow.

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