Fundraising for Supreme Islamic Council donates D350, 000 to the Council

Fundraising for Supreme Islamic Council donates D350, 000 to the Council

The association ‘Fundraising for Supreme Islamic Council’ on Thursday presented a cash of 350, 000 Dalasis to the Supreme Islamic Council for renovation of the Council’s head office in Kanifing.

The cash was collectively raised by members of the association both home and those in the Diaspora to assist the council and to serve humanity at large.

The presentation of the cash was received by the executives of the Council who have their utmost appreciation to the association and also used the occasion to lament some of the challenges the council face and call for more support from good Samaritans.

Dawda Bojang son to the late Sanjally Bojang of Kembujeh.

“When we found out that for almost 30 years the council have been facing challenges both technically and financially; we deem it necessary as Muslim to raise funds for the council”, said Sheikh Dawda Bojang son to Sanjally Bojang of Kembujeh.

Quoting from the holy book Al Qur’an, Bojang said Muslim should be supporting each other in terms of needs and that their association is doing this for the entire Ummah (Muslims). He said the association started the worldwide campaign since December to gather funds for the council and the amount that was raise is up to 350, 000 dalasis.

“This is too good to stop doing it; therefore we will not stop here but will continue with the campaign to raise funds and this time around it will be named as ‘Fund raising for Gambia Islamic Institutions’”. He revealed.

Oustass Ibrahim Jarjue, 1st vice president of the Supreme Islamic Council said the council is in dear need of support both technically and financially and as at that; they cannot go around begging for help but will welcome and appreciate any help coming from Philanthropists. He said there are rumors that the Supreme Islamic Council was being sponsored by former President Jammeh under his regime which he said it’s the contrary.

“When Jammeh was here; if anyone from the council drives a car people will think he gave it to us”, he said “there are challenges but we just can’t go and beg; people don’t actually know what goes on the council that’s why the rumors is many”.

Oustass Ibrahim Jarjue, 1st vice president of the Supreme Islamic Council.

For his part, President of the Supreme Islamic council Momodou Lamin Touray took the opportunity to highlight on some of the challenges that the council is facing ranging from inadequate cash to pay their staff, lack of furniture and a proper conference room for event hosting. He said the council has five staff who’s salaries worth 11, 000 dalasis; which they cannot afford.

“What we do is to contribute amongst ourselves and manage to pay them every month”. Touray revealed.

He went on stating that the council spent more than 1.5 Million dalasis on accommodation of their guests who came to attend an Islamic conference courtesy of the council and on other logistics. “Hadn’t been we have a conference hall and a lodge in the council’s premises where we accommodate our guests; then we will not have spent that huge amount of money”, he said.

He said the structures in the council’s premises were built during Banding Drammeh’s leadership and it now needs refurbishment. He added that the council have called on the government for help financially they responded by giving them 1 million dalasis which he said was the target of their budget.

The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council was established in 1992 and consists of around 50 Islamic Scholars who are all volunteers. The council is responsible of setting dates for Muslim holidays in The Gambia, like Tobaski (Eid dul Adha) and Koriteh (Eid ul Fitr).

by Adam Drammeh.

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