Gambia Scout Association to Host the 16th West Africa Scout Conference and 12th Youth Forum

Gambia Scout Association to Host the 16th West Africa Scout Conference and 12th Youth Forum

The Gambia Scout Association has been recently elected to host the 16th West Africa Scout Conference and the 12th West Africa Zonal Youth in 2022 after the 2021 Zonal conference in Guinea Conakry. This election was done at the 14th West Africa Scout conference held in Praia, Cape Verde.

Some executive members of the Gambia Scout Association have been elected as members in the West Africa Zonal committee ahead of the event.

“I am happy that we are shaping the future of our country through the ministry of youth and Sports in partnership with the ministry of Education”, Said Fatou M Jallow, Chief Commissioner at Gambia Scout Association.

She added that young people need to be empowered and to get access to decision making and scouting provides that safe space for them.

Omar Jarju, International Commissioner highlighted on the significance of the event stating that scouting provides young people opportunities to attend forums like this and help boost their knowledge and also share experiences with others, inculcate good values, take actions for sustainable development, learn new skills and at the same time have fun; while the adults support them by empowering their agendas.

“We are very appreciative of the ministry of youth and sports for supporting us to participate in this event and in other activities through; the ministry we extend our appreciation to the president who by virtue of his position is the chief patron of the association”. Jarju said

For his part, Momodou Kuyateh National Youth Secretary said the most significance aspect of his participation at the West Africa Scout youth Forum is to contribute on the education, acceptance and appreciation of the diverse youth membership in The Gambia Scout Association.

The forum he said, further assures youth of equal opportunities in decision making programs through a value system based on youth empowerment and education, to help built an Association where youth are self-fulfilled and play a constructive role the facilitation of Dialogue for peace in their local and international communities.

Over 80 Scout partners from 14 West Africa countries and beyond have recently converged in Praia, Cape Verde to attend the 10th West Africa Zonal Youth Forum and 14th West Africa Scout conference. The event was organized by the West Africa Scout Association of Cape Verde.

The forum which takes place annually is geared towards providing opportunities for young people in scouting to discuss different issues related to youth and make recommendations to the conference. It also aims at providing a learning platform and to increase youth participation in decision making processes at zonal level.

The theme for this year’s event is “Scouting: Youth leading for peace”.

The Gambia Scout Association is established 1921 and will turning 100 years in 2021.

By Adam Drammeh. 

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