Gambian Sprinter Raises Concern on “Over Using” of Stadium

Gambian Sprinter Raises Concern on “Over Using” of Stadium

Gambian sprinter Adama Jammeh raised eyebrows on the ‘high usage’ of the independent stadium as the tracks are dilapidating in Bakau.

Jammeh who is currently training at the high performance center in Dakar, Senegal said the frequent musical concert and events hosted at the independent stadium is seriously damaging the tracks where athletes do their training that may have a serious negative effect on the future of the athletics in the Gambia.

‘’it is so heat breaking to see how the tracks at the independent Stadium is manage, it took Gambia and the National Olympic Committee more than four years to put this track at the stadium and it has more than twenty years guaranty but now  is having holes because they allowed heavy trucks to stand on it and. When there is a musical concert people also dance on it which is sad” Jammeh said.

Adama also said athletes aren’t treated fairly as he believes that the athletes are authorized to stop training at the stadium in favor of other events.

“The saddest part of the story is that sometimes athletes are not allowed to trained at the stadium whenever there is a football match and they cannot trained there, when they are fixing the stages for musical concert they don’t allow them to trained , where is the equality” Adama asked?

When asked whether the challenges they face might discourage other people embracing athletic, Mr. Jammeh said despite the struggles they will do their utmost best to move forward.

“We are motivated to move forward despite all the challenges, remember when the Stadium wasn’t ready we never gave up, we were using the Serekunda East or West Park to do our event” Jammeh said.

It could be recalled in 2019 Adama Jammeh led the Gambian team as Captain in the all Africa games championship where Gambian athlete Gina Bass won a goal medal in Morocco  as she beat Ivorian Jose Maria Tallo in the women’s 200 meters race .

Jammeh himself competed in the male category in the semi-final but couldn’t finish the race after he suffered a hamstring injury in the competition.

Adama Jammeh first competed for the Gambia in 2011 in the all Africa games in Maputo Mozambique and took 30th position in the 100 meters race with timing of 10.7 seconds.

He took 12th position in the semi-final of the 200 meters race, where he recorded 21.63 seconds.

Since 2015 Adama Jammeh has fired on all cylinders to produce remarkable performance in Azerbaijan Congo Brazzaville, South Africa, Australia, Morocco.

By Lamin Fadera.


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