Gambia’s Maiden Hijabs Runway Set For November

Gambia’s Maiden Hijabs Runway Set For November

The launch of the maiden hijab (veiled) modeling is set for November 15th 2019 at Semaj Garden in Bijilo, as the event is dedicated for Gambian hijab models.

The event is set to bring together hundreds of hijab ladies across the country who will wear designed hijabs to showcase its beauty.

Fatima Muloshi, the chief executive officer alias CEO of the hijab modeling agency, says the idea of the event is to show that hijabs can also rock the runways.

Miss Muloshi said, “hijabs are not respected in the Gambian modeling sector which coupled with stereotypes as to what women in hijab should not do.

Gambia's Maiden Hihabs Runway Set For November 1

Hijab models preparing for the November runway.


The CEO of the hijab modeling agency says hijab symbolize modesty and give women a sense of power.

“Hijab should not stop any woman from going for what they want because they are only covering their head not their brains”. She added.

Rohey Suso one of the model said, veils should not limit anyone in life.”I believe the fact that we put on veils but that should not limit our dreams in life” she said.

The hijab modeling started in the year of 2017 after Halima Aden appearance in the international runways.

Hijab modeling that is less important in the frame of The Gambia modeling sector perhaps base on religion believes, mindset of the models or perhaps the perspective of the people around them.

The November 15th hijab fashion night will bring awareness to the people of Gambia, to start venturing into modeling despite been a hijab.

By Mariama Jarra.

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