Go Support Gambian Children Foundation Donates Underprivileged Children in LRR

Go Support Gambian Children Foundation Donates Underprivileged Children in LRR

Go Support Gambian Children (GSGC) Foundation reached out to Underprivileged families and students in Lower River Region (LRR) and supported them with stationery materials that could help them achieve their basic rights to education.

GSGC Foundation, supports needies, orphans, and Underprivileged families and children in the Gambia. As enshrined in their Amis and Objectives, they reach out to communities in the Lower River Region of the Gambia. In their quest to help less fortunate children and families to educate their children, they have extended their helping hands to communities or villages such as Wurokama, Bamako, Sibeto, Nema, Tendaba and Jarra Soma.

Speaking to the delivery team of Go Support Gambian Children was Baba Camara, the grandfather of Bakary Camara, he thanked GSGC foundation members for coming to aid his grandchild. Baa said, it is the first of it kind a group of such to come and render help to Wurokama village children. He voiced “I have nothing but to thank Go Support Gambian Children foundation. The help they rendered to our children has brought joy in our hearts. These children are orphans and the support given to them is timely. We wish we could help but things are difficult in the village.”

“In Sha Allah we have the intention to help these underprivileged children. But our financial capabilities wouldn’t let us. But we’re grateful for the help.” Baba concluded.

Bakary Camara a beneficiary who was given a bicycle, a pair of shoes, school bag, a packet of book, uniform, pens, pencils and a mathematical set box has also thank GSGC. Bakary, is a 12 years old physical disable whose education was halted because of the trouble of walking 12 kilometres to school. An enthuse Bakary said “Trekking to go school was my problem. I was not able to trek to go to school at Kwinella. But with the help of Go Support Gambian Children I will be able to fulfill my dream of going to school.” An emotional Bakary Camara told plus.gm afterwards.

The next stop for Go Support Gambian Children foundation was in Kiang Bamako, where five children befitted from the benevolent of Go Support Gambian Children. The Alkalo of the village, Jerreh Yabo also thanked the delivery team of GSGC for choosing his village and render valuable support to their children. he said “This is a noble gesture by GSGC Foundation. These materials will go a long way in helping these children fulfill their dreams of going to school and also to attain their basic rights to education.” Jerreh Yabo the Alkalo of Kiang Bamako said.

Kiang Sebito, a village that is five kilometres off the road also had their share of support from Go Support Gambian Children foundation. Five students in the community of Sebito were given a set of uniforms, a pair of shoes, a school bag, mathematical set box, a packet of book, ruler, pens and pencils. Speaking on behalf of the village was Samba Jobe, he said “What I saw in this group (Go Support Gambian Children) is upholding these children’s rights to education because what your group invest in these children is a lot of money and we the parents often find it difficult to provide them with such materials.” Samba Jobe said afterwards “My advice for the beneficiaries is for them to take their lessons at school seriously. It is a joy for anyone who is sponsoring a person or a group of people to see them excel so they have to do all what they could to pass exams. Parents should also help students to read at home.” Samba Jobe said.

Bakary Fofana the president of Go Support Gambian Children Foundation praised and thanked his team of volunteers for a job well done. In a short speech, the president said “compassion and volunteerism should be part and parcel of every youth. This is a great accomplishment for the foundation. Helping orphans and underprivileged children is what brings us together. Merci beaucoup to you all” . A joyous Bakary Fofana said.

Go Support Gambian Children Foundation reach out to seven communities in Lower River Region and they’re Wurokama, Nema, Sebito, Kaif, Bamako, Jarra Soma and Tendaba. An amount of hundred thousand dalaisis (D100, 000) worth of school materials was given to underprivileged children in these villages.

By Ebrima KB Sonko.

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