If Barrow Did Not Step Down in January We Will Remove Him by Force, Says 3yrs Jotna Executive Member

If Barrow Did Not Step Down in January We Will Remove Him by Force, Says 3yrs Jotna Executive Member

3yrs Jotna executive member Bintou Nyabally says Gambia President Adama Barrow should honors the three tenure he agreed with the coalition members in 2016 and step down, or else he will be forced out.

Thousands of “3 years Jotna” demonstrators gathered and match from Sting Corner to Denton Bridge demanding President Barrow to step down. Singing and chanting “3 years Jotna” meaning the 3 years is up with banners and T-shirts written “3 years Jotna”.

After minutes of negotiation, the petition letter was later handed over to the Government through its Spokesperson Ebrima Sankara by the executive of the movement.

The Gambia Government Spokesperson, Ebrima Sankareh.

The movement’s executive were reluctant to handing over the petition to the spokesperson of the Government, according to them they don’t recognised him as a representative of the government.

“We will not hand over the petition to him because he failed to recognize us as a movement” said Bintou Nyabally one of the executive members of the 3 years Jotna movement. According to her, Mr. Sankara sat on the radio and said that he do not recognised the 3 years Jotna members as a movement or pressure group. “this is why we also don’t recognize him as a representative of the government.”

Bintou added that if the government did not send a representative they will wait till dawn. She said Barrow should honour the promise he made in 2016 and step down in January 2020.
“If he did not step down in January, we will remove him by force because we were the ones who voted for him to be in office”. Bintou stressed.

Edi Konta a U.S based Gambian and musician said he came all the way to attend the demonstration as he believe it is his constitutional right to hold the government accountable. Konta described their movement as civilized and organized people who came out to fulfill their constitutional right by holding a peaceful demonstration.
“We are Gambians and we are not here to jeopardize our country. He said “we don’t want Gambia to be messed up; we want a Gambia that is stable, democratic and a Gambia that is civilize”.

Modou M.C Cham Jr, National Youth President of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) urged President Barrow to honour his promise and step. “As I said before, the authorities should bear in mind that the ‘3yrs Jotna’ can be bigger than a party as is all inclusive”. M.C Cham Jr stated. He argued that those who think the President gave them the democracy that they are enjoying should know that, it is the democracy that put him into office. Cham added that he is not participating in the demonstration as a politician but as a concern citizen who believes that the demonstration revolved around people from different political inclinations which made it non-political. “Gambians fought for their freedom; the people made Barrow what he is not the other way round” MC Cham Jr echoed.

The chairman of the 3 years Jotna movement Abdou Njie commended the government for giving them the space and atmosphere to execute their constitutional rights. He said the government has shown that the citizens and the government should work together in unison and not rivals. “This is what democracy looks like; today if our democracy was at 10%, it has reached to 100%”. Njie said

The Chairman of the movement also commended the security personnel for the good job they did as promised. Njie urged Gambians who wish to hold any form of demonstrations in future to do it peacefully like they did theirs.

The “3 years Jotna” petition was handed over to the Government through its Spokesperson Ebrima Sankara by the Executive of the movement with the expectation of that Barrow will listen to their demands and step down in January 2020.

The million dollar question that remains unanswered is “What will happen President Barrow fails to meet the demands of the 3 years Jotna Movement?”

By Adam Drammeh.

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