Man Mistaken as Kidnapper Beaten Mercilessly in Busumbala

Man Mistaken as Kidnapper Beaten Mercilessly in Busumbala

One Yaya Jagana who was with his younger brother and seven children in his car (C-Class Mercedes Benz) was mistaken by residents of Busumbala to be children kidnapper was attacked and beaten “mercilessly” on Thursday afternoon.

According to eyewitnesses, the man stopped around Yunus English School to buy something and all of a sudden a man who was near the car looked inside and saw the seven kids seated in the car. He then call others and they mistaken the two men as child traffickers.

“They all rush to the man and started beating him mercilessly while his younger ran for his life the men followed him as well”, said an eyewitness who was at the scene.

According to sources, the residents took the kids from the car, and set it ablaze without proper verification of the claim that he is a kidnapper.

Yaya Jagana (victim) is said to be the father of the kids and he is married with four wives, who all went to the police station to confirm that they are the wives of the victim and the kids are his children.

“The busumala youth took the law into their own hands by beating the man and burnt his new car into ashes claiming that he is a Kidnapper”, Kaddijatou Jawo an eyewitness says.

An immediate press release issued from the office of the Government’s spokesperson reads:

“The Story On Nigerians Caught with Children in Busumbala, West Coast Region is False

Note: This is a Developing Story and will be updated later

Farato Police Station, The Gambia—In the wake of a story alleging that some Nigerians are apprehended in Busumbala, West Coast Region, attempting to traffic children, please be informed that the entire story is patently false.

Instead, earlier this evening two Gambian brothers with their seven children all under 10, were literally ambushed by a mob of vigilante in Busumbala falsely accusing them of being Nigerian children smugglers.

Unfortunately, one of the men is vocally handicapped (dumb) and could not explain his relationship with the children. His brother, who was nervous, frantically tried to explain to the mob that this was a family headed to Fajikjida after a trip to the provinces to no avail. The Busumbala mob finally seized the men and subjected them to the most harrowing barbarity ever imaginable. The duo has since been hospitalized at Kanifing Regional and Brikama Hospitals with severe injuries to their heads while their children reunited with their mothers, are at Brikama Police Station with social workers comforting them as police unearth this mystery story.

According to police at Farato where the duo and children were first rescued to, the mob also seized the family’s C-Class Mercedes Benz, popped the engine-hood and then set the car ablaze. When the firefighters came to the scene, the mob threatened to fight them as the incinerated vehicle was in flames”.

Ebrima G Sankareh
The Gambia Government Spokesperson

By Adam Drammeh.

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