Mission Teachers End Sit-Down Strike After Given 7.2M

Mission Teachers End Sit-Down Strike After Given 7.2M

After a week-long sit-down strike, the Gambia Teacher’s Union and Network of Mission Teachers have ended their sit-down strike.

The sit-down was staged as a result of the deduction of monies from their salaries since September 2019; representing their loan repayments and savings with Catholic Education Secretariat Credit Union, GTU Cooperative Credit Union, ELAC and the GTU.

The said money which is over seven Million dalasis does not include the amount due and owing to ELAC at the moment.

A sum of D7.2M was lodged into the account of GTUCCU at the Standard Chartered Bank for onward disbursement to the above mentioned institutions which action was taken on Saturday 14th March through CESCU.

Essa Sowe, Deputy General Secretary of the Gambia Teacher’s Union (GTU) told the press that the Sit-Down Strike which was initiated on the 9th March is ‘hereby officially declared over’. He said that the GTU Executive called for an emergency debriefing session at its secretariat after being informed of the money paid into its account; and at the same day informed the teachers affected.

Essa Sowe, Deputy General Secretary of the Gambia Teacher’s Union.

“In view of the above, we urge all affected teachers and education support personnel to report to work immediately while they allow the Leadership to pursue other concerns raised by the general membership”, he stated.

Sowe applauded the government of the Gambia for being supportive and considerate. He also thanked the parents for their understanding and cooperation throughout the period in which the sit-down strike was held. He further extended his gratitude to the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (M0BSE) and the representatives of the Network of Mission Teachers for their collaboration and patience.

“To the students, we apologize for the instructional hours you lost over the period; we count on the continued support and trust bestowed on us by the general membership”, he asserted.

The Gambia Teacher’s Union (GTU) is the sole affiliate of Education International in The Gambia and one of its basic principles is to fight against all forms of discrimination, racism and prejudice in education and society, based upon gender, status or origin as well as steer the affairs of teachers in the country.

By Adam Drammeh.

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