Responsible Tourism and Its Benefits

Responsible Tourism and Its Benefits

The tourism season is very crucial because most individuals get to unwind during their vacation period.

Whether you intend to enjoy the tropical breeze in the Caribbean or climb to the top of a mountain of your choice or, you want to enjoy every second of your well anticipated trip.

So, when it comes on to choosing a country or island to vacate in you want to ensure that it really appeals to your interests, ranging from activities that will fill you with adrenaline rush or an activity that is for the faint of heart.

But not only do tourists benefit, it is also beneficial to the country you choose because that specific country will be gaining revenue while being granted the opportunity to showcase their culture.

In Gambia the tourism season runs from October through to April and approximately 100,000 tourists visit during this time, per year. During this time tourists enjoy the beautiful visitation sites and sceneries that Gambia has to offer.

Tourists often times visit Gambia to ride the Camels, ride with the dolphins or even to experience being on an excursion in their famous capital. A fascinating experience especially for first time visitor.

Responsible Tourism and Its Benefits gambia

But the only way for tourists to truly enjoy the beauty is if responsible tourism is enforced at all times. Responsible tourism speaks to all the stakeholders involved (government, citizens, hotel owners, business owners and tourists) playing their part to ensure that the tourist attractions are properly maintained and sustained.

Wondering how to play your part in sustaining the tourist industry? That is very simple, ensure that the environmental impacts are controlled. As a tourist you are attracted by visual representations of the Gambia, to safeguard the visual scenery you have to ensure that you help to take care of the environment.

Observe the do’s and dont’s of each attraction and abide by their safety guidelines. Responsible tourism also takes into account being opened to accepting the culture, ethnic groups and people. That helps the people to be more opened to accepting you as a tourist and it also helps to form healthy relationships with locals.

Responsible Tourism and Its Benefits

Fostering relationships between locals help you to have a deeper connection with the country as well as a greater appreciation for the place you’re visiting.

A huge part of creating memorable moments has a lot to do with the people around you, especially when you are in a country that is fairly new to you. When visiting a new country, you rely on the local people to show you around to the best places. Even if you have a tour guide that person would still be a local and because of this reason social relationships will impact how memorable your vacation is.

Why is it important to speak with locals? Because in speaking with them they get a better understanding of what you expect and they can offer that particular service or zoom in on that aspect of their Gambian culture when and if you return.

All of which helps them to improve your previous experience.

Practice responsible tourism while enjoying a rich Gambian culture.

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