Sewage Streaming In Brikama Market Can Cause Asthma- Says Sheikh Omar Sillah

Sewage Streaming In Brikama Market Can Cause Asthma- Says Sheikh Omar Sillah

Sheikh Omar Sillah, a lecturer at the Gambia College school of Public Health said, women vendors at the Brikama fishery market can be exposed to health complications like asthma due to poor waste disposal they’re exposed to.

“Breathing polluted air put one at a higher risk of having complications like asthma and other respiratory problems when exposed to an environment like poor waste disposal for hours. Because, breathing has to deal with the lungs so it can cause inflammation to the lungs.”Sheikh Omar Sillah said afterwards.

Sheikh Omar Sillah, a Public Health lecturer at the Gambia College.

Sheikh Omar Sillah, the secretary of “Legacy Gambia” also warned that, the sewage if not properly managed can cause complications. “Water contamination can cause infectious diseases which spread through the the water and can cause various complications like malaria, cholera etc” he said.

The water channels and footpaths of the Brikama fishery market is streaming sanitary waste disposal due to what vendors called “improper care of waste disposal” by the Brikama Area Council (BAC). Fatou Bojang, a native of Brikama town accused BAC of lacking ideas of how to keep the market clean. “These people are useless. They lack the technical know-how to improve and maintain the cleanliness of the market” Fatou Bojang said. And for Halimatou Manneh, a vendor at the fishery market said they do not have any choice but to come and sell. She said many of the vendors depend on their fist business to put food on the table. “We knew all what we’re inhaling is not good for the heath but we have little or no choice. Our families depend on us to provide them daily meals. So despite the threat to our health we must bear.” She added, “Area council should up their speed and work with the management of the fishery market to provide them a save environment because we’re paying tax to both of them”

The Brikama Area Council, is in the West Coast Region and they’re in charge of land rates collection, refuse collection, municipal maintenance while the physical planning unit issues clearances for plots of land purchased in the vicinity as well as building permits and occupation clearance.

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