‘The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation’ Donates Food Stuff to Families in Manduar Village

‘The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation’ Donates Food Stuff to Families in Manduar Village

by Foday Jatta.

The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation donates food stuffs to families of Manduar Village in Kombo Central, Western Region on Sunday 17th May, 2020.

The charitable foundation gives out an amount of thirty 25kg bags of rice, thirty 5 liter gallons of cooking oil, and three 50kg bags of sugar to thirty families in Manduar Suruwa Kunda through its project dubbed ‘Ramadan Food Aid 2020’.

Ibrahim Mbowe, one of the beneficiaries says they have nothing but absolute appreciation for the help. “It would have been impossible for us, buying these materials is one thing and transporting is another so you (The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation) saved us from all that by buying all these and used your own transportation to come to us just for the sake Allah”.

Ebrima Mbowe, a beneficiary.

Mr. Mbowe concluded by saying, “all we could do is show appreciation for the assistance; be it small or big we are thankful to you and Allah because no matter the size, you did it for Allah’s sake”.

Alhaji Kinteh, the founder of ‘The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation’ who’s a UK-Gambia citizen says “It is satisfactory that somebody got food, somebody was living in a bad house now he has good house and that they couldn’t do it themselves, and then Allah puts it through my hands”. He thanked Allah “because with my own pocket, I couldn’t do what I am doing. So to be able to do that alone it’s an achievement because if I had millions now, this is exactly what I will be doing”.

Alhaji Kinteh, the founder of ‘The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation’.

Mr. Kinteh also reveals that people are contributing to his course. ”Right now we have loads of people especially from the social media sending us money, giving us wells. This week alone we’ve nine new water-well projects, so people are sponsoring”.

“We kind of want to encourage the Gambian community to get behind us worldwide. Thanks to Allah we are very grateful for the support we getting from other nations and from other people or organisations”. He notes.

The foundation keeping record of the beneficiaries.

Alhaji Kinteh who is now based in The Gambia appeals to his fellow citizens around the world to support his course: “Gambians alone can change Gambia. There are Gambians out there with wealth that can help many Gambians, so it’s just to show them look; we are here, trust us, give us a chance with your money and see what we can do in the country for your own brothers and sisters”. Kinteh pleads.

Mohammed Adil Jeewa, The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation head of welfare and administration is a UK citizen and friend of Alhaji Kinteh shares his satisfaction for been able to help the needy. “This started when I came here in the first place and I just experienced a different life here, for example the water shortage here and see how people are in poverty”.

Mohammed Adil Jeewa, The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation head of welfare and administration.

“So, I went out with Alhaji Kinteh and started some projects together, I saw what a bag of rice done for a family and after that, I said, you what? This is what I want to do. So I left everything in the UK because this is what I want to do now”.

Mr. Adil Jeewa says he finds helping the needy rewarding because “you helping yourself become more grateful for what you have, you can see that you’ve changed a life and that person who in turn could go and change another person’s life”.  He also said, “It is a nice feeling to know that somebody is sleeping better, the team work and the donations from people abroad, know that you’ve helped change somebody’s life”.

House sponsored by another charitable foundation called Abdullah Aid built through The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation in Manduar.

Mohammed calls on people to venture into helping the needy saying, “People should help does in need, it doesn’t cost much to help somebody here (in Gambia) to have food for the whole month. What the salary here is for one in a month you might spend it in one day just in shopping in the UK, so I would say come here, see and look at things yourself it’s going to make you a more grateful person, a nicer person and better person in life”.

“This is now for ever God willing, that’s my plan, to always keep on doing humanitarian work, which is the reason I now moved here in Gambia”. Mohammeh wishes.

Lamin Sanneh, the foundation’s Head of Operation says he is very happy to be able to play a part in helping people like himself: “I have been very pleased to join this organisation, I have been there and I have seen how the struggle of losing your parents at an early age is and how hard it is”.

Lamin Sanneh, the foundation’s Head of Operation.

“I am very happy to be part of an organisation that is changing people’s lives; I am an orphan so helping other orphans feels so good”. Lamin continued by saying, “I feel so happy that I can help some poor families, families I am not better than but Allah gives me the chance to help them not through my hands but from other people”.

“Allah said in the Qur’an that if you help an orphan you’re going to be the same with them in Janna, so we not doing this for today but to have Janna tomorrow”. Lamin Sanneh concluded.

Alieu Secka is one of the most to benefit from The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation, as he did not only received the foundation’s Ramadan Food Aid but got a two room and parlor house built for him and his family too.

Thankful Alieu Secka standing by his house sponsored by The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation.

“Honestly only Allah knows how happy I am to have my house built, because it used to rain at night and my neighbors are in there houses sleeping and I will be so scared that my house will collapse on me and my family, that’s why I said only Allah can tell how happy I am but I can’t”.

“I have never forgotten praying for this foundation as everywhere I go especially in mosques, after congregation prayers I will ask my people to help me pray for The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation for what they’ve done for me and family”. Mr. Secka reveals.

A mosque and water-well sponsored by The Alhaji Kinteh Foundation.

According to the founder of The Alhaji Kinteh Family Foundation, Alhaji Kinteh, his foundation has built 24 compounds, dug 150 water-wells for people, sponsoring 155 orphans children and 3 university students.

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