To dare is to do: A Teenager’s Professional Dream Along Dusty Janjanbureh Roads

To dare is to do: A Teenager’s Professional Dream Along Dusty Janjanbureh Roads

At 14, the diminitive Bubacarr Janneh dares to show of what he has on offer to the beautiful game. Tipped as one of the most promising talents in Gambian football, the deft skilled attacking midfielder still awaits a potential opportunity to come by.

Janneh, believes he has a lot in him to offer to the Gambia should he be bestowed with the semmering opportunity.

Born and raised in the Central River Region settlement of George Town (Janjanbureh), Janneh feels transfering his deft skills from the dusty streets to a grass pitch would also better fulfilled his desire.

Growing up, football is all he ever had. And now that he’s completed his Senior Secondary School, the youngster feels the time is right to unlock his potential for the elusive dream.

“my aim is to play football at the highest level with pride but playing for The Gambia National team would be a dream realized because I have a lot to offer,” Bubacarr said.

Few years ago, enjoying the game in streets of George Town was all Janneh had with the sport. But a friend’s touching advice changed his whole interests and approach towards football.

“I had hidden talents in football which i didn’t realize, but one of my friends – Hamadi Njie, encouraged me to take football with seriousness and dedication,” Janneh stated.

Bubacarr already knows a club that can help him realised his dream.

“I believe if I have top clubs in the GFF league like Real de Banjul and others, I will improve and reach my target. Real de Banjul is one of the teams that can nurture my talent to become a professional player,” he said.

Ebrima Saine is the head Coach of Bubacarr Janneh, who also doubles as the head coach of CRR South. He revealed Bubacarr was scouted by the regional team as a attacking midfielder through school football activities. Saine said they are currently in contact with clubs to loan the youngster, which will help develop the player.

Coach Saine further stated that talents are abound in the Central River Region but lack of good and standard football pitches is swaying a lot away.
He said football needs to be decentralised in the Gambia so that grassroot football can be properly managed and promoted.

By Lamin Bojang