Tourism Stakeholders to Build State of the Art Eco Lodge in Barra

Tourism Stakeholders to Build State of the Art Eco Lodge in Barra

Hamat Bah, Minister of Tourism and Culture on Monday and partners promise to build an Eco Lodge in Barra (Fort Bullen).

Abdoulie Hydara, Director Gambia Tourism Board remarked: “after one month to laid the foundation stone of an Eco Lodge in Barra”, adding that after the construction of the lodge, the residence of Barra will benefit more than any other residence in Gambia.

Hamat Bah, Minister of Tourism and Culture said North Bank Region has the biggest when it comes to tourism and culture.

“We need to do something as a government”, he said, adding we need to change the way we facilitate, and tourism goes with environment.

He added tourism product is very important. He urges Alkalos, communities to preserved and protect the environment. Furthermore he noted it is the job of government, and stakeholders in the tourism sector to provide necessary structures.

“Tourism goes in everywhere, and it is the job of parliamentarians to represent their people to know their problems in order to be able to solve it for national development”. He said.

During the visit to Berending Sacre Pool, Stakeholder promise to build a perimeter of 500 to 300 square meter at the site in order to protect it value and history.

Hassoum Cessay Director National Center for Arts and Culture (NCAC) said the site was visited before to know their problems and challenges, then we promise to build a perimeter along the site to preserve it history for tourist development and the people of the Gambia.

According to Saikou Cham Chief of North Bank Region during the visit of Juffureh Albreda at the Kunta Kinteh Island said for a better tourism product there must be good roads, access to electricity, and water among other things.

He urge the minister to preserve what they own as well as build a five star hotel at the site for tourism to stay during their visit, and also for them to benefit from social amenities during their stay.

Omar Darboe, National Asembly Member for Jokadou Upper Niumi remarked: “Without good road condition, electricity and access to internet tourism site in the provinces will not be able to develop.

He expresses the poor road condition of the route to the slave house in Albreda know as the Kunda Kinteh Island as a major factor contributing to access and development of the site.

He therefore urge all stakeholders to look towards the success of tourism and culture of the Gambia especially at the provinces were most of the historic site are.

At the visit, Hamat Bah Minster of Tourism and Culture promise at the end of the tour to embark on a dialogue with the people of Jufureh and Albreda to see the way forward which he said will focus on the preservation of tourism and culture for sustainability and to that will bring development to the people as well as the Gambia respectively.

Other speaker included, Babucarr Jatta, Chairperson Albreda Youth Society, Alkalo of Albreda Kebba Sirra Jatta also harps on the same issue.

Juffureh and Albreda is one of the important historical villages in the history of the Gambia. It is the bath place of Kunta Kinteh and also a place where he was kidnapped before moving to Kunta Kinteh Island (Former James Island).

by Ndey Sowe.

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